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The Certificate is the highest level of achievement you can get in a 6-week course at openHPI.... more
Product information "Certificate"

The Certificate is the highest level of achievement you can get in a 6-week course at openHPI. As proof of your identity and your self-developed skills, you will be observed by online monitoring via your webcam during the graded exams.

On the certificate, we will note the examination modalities and print a photo of you. In addition, with this certificate, we recommend the assignment of 2 ECTS points in suitable academic courses.

Information on the certificate
The Certificate, unlike other certificates issued by HPI for openHPI courses, has a photo of the participant printed on it. The participant has agreed to online supervision during homework and the final exam via webcam. We use this technique to verify that the registered participant personally completes the homework and final exam.

In addition to the photo of the participant, the Certificate contains the following information:

  • Name of the participant
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Course contents
  • Achieved total score
  • Performance in the course (indication of whether the result belongs to the top 5%, 10% or 20%)
  • Link to anti-counterfeit protection and QR Code
  • Key course data
  • Examination modalities
  • Score Scale
  • Detailed course description

With the acquisition of the Certificate, you will also receive a Record of Achievement and the Confirmation of Participation, provided that you have fulfilled the requirements (minimum number of points or minimum participation in the course). 

Assignment of ECTS points
According to the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), the workload for a 6-week openHPI course is 2 semester hours per week (SWS). The HPI recommends awarding 2 ECTS points for a Certificate.

If you are planning to have an openHPI course credited for your studies, we advise you to check with your examination office in advance whether your university recognizes the Certificate. A sample certificate is offered for download, which can be presented to the examination office. 

Important notes
The HPI offers this service in cooperation with the technology partner Smowltech. The HPI only provides Smowltech with the photos. Only HPI can match the photos to the user data. Smowltech performs automatic face recognition and reports any discrepancies. For privacy reasons, you must accept Smowltech's privacy policy to use the online supervision during setup.

Registration periods
Before you can take supervised exams, you have to calibrate your camera image at Smoltech. This process can take up to 48 hours. Since no homework can be done during this time, you have to calibrate for the Certificate in time.

The registration for the Certificate has to be done at the latest after the first assessed task of the course. This is usually at the beginning of the second week of the course. If the second homework has already been handed in or if the deadline for the second homework has passed, registration for the Certificate is no longer possible.

Technical requirements
Accessing your webcam for online mentoring does not work with every browser on every operating system. Here you can find a list of supported browsers. You can also simply test in advance whether your system is supported.

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